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I've been wanting to feature my favorite beauty, fashion, food related goods, or just anything that I've been loving with monthly or weekly recap posts. When it comes to beauty products, I will give my honest opinion, and everything will be 100% my thoughts/experience with the product regardless if it is affiliated or not. Last April, I found so many new skincare products, and in order to share my opinion I will try each one out for a full 2 weeks to see how my skin would react to a new product.

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 1. Secret Nature Skincare

Lately, I've been into citrus scented moisturizers from The Face Shop. I just recently discovered this Korean skincare line called Secret Nature, and my skin has been looking brighter from their moisturizer, and serum. The whitening moisturizer contains Jeju tangerine peels along with propolis extracts which helps hydrate dry skin, improves dark circles, and brightens skin complexion. Another plus is that there is no sticky residue after applying the moisturizer which is a big factor for me when incorporating a new product into my skincare routine. I mean who likes having a sticky face after washing their makeup off? Not me! 

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2. Muji Balance Skincare

I've been using Mujis moisturizing milk, and cream for about 2 months now and I really love how it has improved my skin texture. I have combination skin which is super dry during winter, and oily during the warmer months.  I've noticed that my skin looks more hydrated, feels less dry, and more even looking. Mujis Balancing Skin Series includes verbena, and tropical turmeric which are natural plant extracts. Verbena reduces puffiness, and softens the skin while tropical turmeric has powerful antioxidants, and healing properties such as treating eczema, acne, and rashes. I have a little bit of eczema on my cheeks and I've noticed my redness has faded a bit! I would definitely recommend Mujis skincare line to anyone who is looking to brighten a dull completion while bring back moisture into their skin. 


3. Kitten Heels

I never knew kitten heels were so comfortable to wear all night long! If I had known sooner, I could've saved myself from a lot of pain from sore, and blistering toes on long night outs. I'm really into pointed toed heels since they elongate, and make you look taller in photos. Also, how cute are these studded straps? I found my favorite pair of heels for spring, and they were under $30! I'll be on the look out for more kitten heels to add to my shoe collection! 


4. Neutrogena sunblock stick

I made a great discovery at Target before heading over to the beach last weekend. Sunblock sticks make the best hands-free no mess application before tanning on the beach. Neutrogena's beach defense formula is non greasy, and glides on smoothly which is super convenient. It has SPF 50+, and formulated with helioplex technology, which is an advanced sunscreen technology with superior broad-spectrum protection from skin-aging UVA rays and skin-burning UVB rays. If you're going to the beach more often this summer, sunblock sticks will be your new favorite! 


4. Polkadots

Looks like polkadots are making a comeback this spring! I was obsessed with polkadots back in middle school so I'm glad they're back in style again. Its such a fun, and flirty print to include in your wardrobe since you can't go wrong with black and white right? If you're looking for a unique print to wear this season I'd definitely wear polkadots while pairing them with a denim skirt or shorts for a casual outfit. 


5. Red floral print

I'm really loving bold red colors lately! Honestly I think this is the brightest piece that I own in my wardrobe since I normally stick to black. white, or grey, but I've been incorporating brighter colors into my ensembles. Wearing a pop of color, and complementing the look with a neutral accessory balances out any look. The little floral details add a texture to the dress and I'm pretty sure everyone has noticed that I've been obsessed with floral print too.