Definitely feels like Fall is in full effect with the weather getting colder and the leaves changing colors! Since its starting to get chillier I wanted to introduce my fall must-haves for the season! I’m gravitating towards anything knit or cozy pieces which are quintessential for this time of the year. Super happy that I finally invested in wardrobe essentials that will last me a lifetime!

  1. Neutral trench coat

As I’ve gotten older my wardrobe is starting to become a lot more simple, and classic with timeless pieces that will last me for years to come. I tend to gravitate towards basic pieces like neutral outerwear, denim or leather jackets, and lightweight bombers.! I’m definitely going to make a post on 5 outerwear staples every woman should have in their closet by December! Btw if you haven’t noticed, I LOVE my trench coat from Club Monaco that I purchased before leaving to Seattle earlier this year! The coat is super warm to wear during snowy weather and to make it extra protective from battling the cold I like to wear a scarf and beanie to keep ALL the warmth in my body!

2. Wide leg trousers

Trousers are another classic bottom to have in your wardrobe since they pair well with any outfit! Every working woman should own a few pairs that flatter their body type since the style could range from straight, wide, crop, and many more lengths! My current go-to pants are these wide leg trousers from Uniqlo! They’re high waisted which is extremely flattering if you want the illusion of having longer legs and the stretch in the waistband is super comfortable and very forgiving. *cough cough if you have a food baby during the holidays! Sooooo I’ll definitely be wearing these during a holiday party!


3. Coin necklaces

My current stack for accessories have been these two coin necklaces! I love how dainty these pieces are and I really like how it adds a nice touch to any outfit! Especially if you wear the necklaces with a simple sweater, it’ll instantly elevate your whole look!

What are your Fall Favorites for this season? I’d love to hear down below in the comments and thanks for reading!