Hi everyone! Well this is exciting to me since I'm writing my very first blog post! I feel very motivated to make this page about my various interests in life, and eventually I would love to transition into a lifestyle blog in the future. Back Tu Basic is not only a fashion blog, but will also be about beauty, travel, interior design, and more! My goal with Back Tu Basic is to inspire, and educate women to acknowledge that the way they dress can elevate their mood, and presenting themselves correctly can help them to succeed in various environments.


I've always wanted to have my very own space to look back on as I get older to remind myself of fond memories from the past. I've contemplated for the past 5 years about making a website, and its finally happening. Fashion has always been one of my biggest passions since it allows myself to be creative, expressive, and have fun!


I've always believed in creating a wardrobe that consists of everyday quality basics that encompasses my personal style, and I would define my style as feminine, classic, and edgy. I also have my days where i'm in a t-shirt and jeans, or I'll get dressed up, and wear a miniskirt with heels. It all just depends on how I'm feeling that particular day, and my mood reflects onto my outfits. 


I've also been loving Chriselles collaboration with J.O.A since her collection embodies spring! My favorite piece so far is the versatile asymmetrical trench dress since it can be worn in multiple ways. I just love the sage green color, and how the material flows as I move. Chriselle Lim is one of my favorite people that I've admired since I was 16 years old, and she definitely sparked my interest in fashion. Her first youtube video with Michelle Phan really drew me into her style, and personality. I just love how Chriselle has gone such a long way by starting off as a wardrobe stylist, to an editor at Genlux, and her youtube/lifestyle blog (The Chriselle Factor). Shop the collection by clicking on the links below to shop my outfit! 

Photography by Mary Wen