January Recap

January Recap

Can’t believe January flew by so quickly and it’s already a new month! I’ve been making slight adjustments in my lifestyle by incorporating more yoga routines to stretch out the stiffness in my back and going out on more hikes lately! Small little habits such as going on walks everyday, journaling, or making a cup of tea really helps instill good repetitive behaviors that I’ve been working on this year! I still believe in making slight adjustments in my life rather than unrealistic resolutions to improve! 

I recently got a new sweet pea tattoo on my wrist and I’m super happy with how the design came out! I wasn’t planning on getting a big flower but my tattoo artist convinced me to go for it and I do not regret that decision! I’ve always wanted a dainty flower on my wrist but when I saw this design it reminded me of my siblings.

The three flowers represent my sisters including myself and my brother is the stem that holds up all his clumsy sisters. Well, I phrased it a lot nicer than what my brother actually said...I feel like when people get tattoos they feel pressured to have some crazy meaningful story so that each piece represents something of value. Honestly, if I just like a particular design I’m just gonna get it! I only have two tattoos so far but I’m definitely itching to get another one on my back soon!


Couldn’t forget late night dessert and milk tea runs!


Colored my hair a lot darker this Winter & I don’t miss being blonde since it was so high maintenance! I love my new brunette hair and I decided to get bangs spontaneously.

I’m definitely going to be taking a lot more weekend trips in the next few months so stay tuned for my travel diaries!