Why does it always feel like there isn’t enough time in a day? I've been waking up early to incorporate daily self-care practices to start my mornings off on a good note and I just love to have some quiet time before heading off to work! Taking the time out of my hectic schedule to slow down and reset helps maintain my cluster of thoughts. I’m still trying to get better at practicing better habits and these tips have been helping me manage my anxious mind.

1. Daily stretching

I have a lot of tension in the back of my neck, and stretching my body helps alleviate the pain. A little bit of yoga never hurts and I like to do it at least twice a day. I feel that stretching helps me decompress for the night and I'm definitely sleeping a lot better!

2. Beach hiking

There's something about the sound of waves that puts me at ease. I tend to forget about my worries temporarily, and get lost in my thoughts while enjoying the scenery! I’ve noticed that when I’m in a slump or when I have a hard time dealing with stress, I gravitate towards the beach to calm myself. 

3. Meditation

Sitting in a quiet room listening to my own thoughts makes me a little bit anxious since I’m always trying to remind myself to practice positive words of affirmation. My mind can go into this weird cynical spiral of negative thoughts and I try to combat that by reminding myself that I’m good enough and valued. Another way to view positive thinking is that it's not about deflecting unpleasant thoughts, but finding ways to approach and overcome them in more productive ways. Less self-criticism and more self-acceptance!

What are some ways that you guys like to decompress to take care of yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!