Its been about a week since I've been back from China, and I can honestly say it was such an amazing experience since I was able to create memories with my best friend Celia. We spent about 2 weeks in multiple cities including: Beijing, Xi'an, and Guangzhou. Each city had its own charm, and I fell in love with everything about China! 


The Great Wall was one of the toughest hikes I've ever been on, but the view was definitely worth it! Plus I was super happy that I had my fanny pack with me since I was hands free because a backpack would've been difficult to have on. Celia kept on making fun of my cute fanny pack, but its definitely making a comeback in the fashion industry! I mean c'mon old fashion trends are constantly reappearing every year. 

How beautiful are these sakura blossoms though? The atmosphere felt so whimsical, and romantic while walking around this quiet park. Also, I'm wearing my favorite floral blouse that I purchased at the cutest Korean style boutique. Since the weather was extremely humid, I loved wearing materials that were lightweight, and sheer to fight the heat.


The food was delicious, and my favorite was the Sichuan hotpot at Houhai Lake near a quiet lake. We happen to stumble upon a cozy restaurant alongside the lake while riding a rickshaw, and decided to go in spontaneously, which then led our discovery of the best hotpot spot I've ever had in my life. (Not exaggerating) I wish I took more pictures of the hotpot, but I was so excited, and hungry that it slipped my mind. The broth was so rich with fragrant Chinese spices, and jam packed full of umami flavors too! 


We also found the cutest traditional teahouse, and it was so relaxing to have a cup of tea with a view of the the lake. One of the best moments during this trip since I was able to unwind and destress while sipping on green tea. 


Can everyone tell that I was obsessed with floral print? Wrap dresses are so flattering and I've been loving them this spring! This dress from Ann Taylor wasn't on their website anymore, but I did find the same dress on Poshmark. 


Temple of Heaven was such a beautiful shrine, and I just love the color scheme along with the different shades of blue. It was so mind blowing to hear that this shrine was completely made out of wood too! Again, I'm wearing another floral blouse that I found last minute at target and this top also comes in pink too! 


Warmer weather also calls for more denim mini skirts too! Targets new collection Universal Threads was so comfortable and stretchy to wear all day. I'm really fond of skirts that have a frayed edge since it gives the skirt more texture. Also, sneakers were a life saver on this trip since my feet start hurting by the end of the day with sandals. Adidas originals are my favorite sporty shoes to wear on a daily basis since they match with everything! 


Our last stop had great foods, drinks, and company at Hutaoli! This restaurant was pretty unique since they had a live band along with a host to play games with the audience. I loved the theme of this place since their interior design reminded me of a whimsical forest. The spicy food was amazing, and I was so happy to end this trip on a great note!